CRIYA 2021


Rhythmic Architecture



how it is simple

New Generation

why it is new gen

tag line

01. 100 % Natural & Organic

organic Mattress

06. Rhythmic Architecture

Sleep Inside ,Rhythmic design

05. Sleep Engineered

sleep engineered

02. 100 % customizable

3 zone, 3 comfortable layer

03. No Back Pain & No Stress

no back pain & No stress

04. Simple to Maintain

simple to maintain


how layers comforts you

Fun & Adventural

walk light, fun in customizing, adventure in layers

Experience – Sleep Inside

usually sleep on a mattress, For a change, Try sleep inside a mattress

Not other Alternatives can

how it is differ from alternatives

Latex / Foam / Hybrid Mattress

no natural material

Rhythmic Design

it is very hard to design one

Functional and Emotional

worlds first and functional & emotional bed