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Uncomparable New Design


Perfectly made based on Sleep Science & Engineering

New Generation

new generation


Rhythmic Design

Regular Square, Rectangle Shape Beds Restricted your stretches. But First time in Bed Design we came up with Elliptic Shape, Where you can enjoy the sleep with full stretches. It is Different, in its Colour, in its size, in its Design , In its Look and in its Pattern

Aroma Therapy

Revolutionarily First time in history we added sensible automatic aroma diffuser. Where the core is prepared based on ayurvedic Sugantha. It Calms your Mind and Body Based on Ayurvedic Aromic Therapy


With our Innovative sensible mood light generator ,Instead Changing it completely transforms your mood, to the one which makes your soul feel Happy, Cool, Energetic, and Sexy


Sound Therapy

Study as People Tried many ways to calm thier mind before sleeping by with Old MP3's Songs, Instrumental Music and so on. it is old .. it is Bored

Try our Innovative Sound Therapy. where we combine the nature and technology to calm your mind starting from your ear buds


But it is Because of the air. we found that

Yes, Do you know. Ayurveda Clearly says most of the sleep issue happen because of insufficient vivid air in the bed room

So, we integrated innovative Air Therapy In SPANDA. So you get Flawless Sleep.




Ready for its 360 Degree


Side Entry

Books and Specs Holder

You can keep your books in a safe place

Mobile / Laptop Charge

you can charge your mobile wired /wireless

WaterBottle Box

you can safely keep your waterbottle

For most people, buying a new kids bed does not have to be as stressful as buying a new car.


Spanda Bed is handcrafted, so no each one is differ from others. There are added extraordinary features like a aromatic cool vibrant air visual mood changer and a natural sound therapy and with oval shapped spine supported ayurvedic bed with charger and storage facility we have currently designed this unique piece to take a small double mattress only.

Our SPANDA bed is beautifully upholstered inside with organic natural mattress stuffed using natural white hallow fiber. It comes equipped with purple and white exterior lighting This statement bed marks the beginning of an exciting new collection for Layabeds using fibreglass. Venturing into this type of craftsmanship has given us the freedom to design and create glass-smooth curves with a highly polished finish.

Let your kids experience healthy natural sleep with our unique SPANDA bed.

Most of the time people are focus on adding feature and missing the core. but we cared all. However now, thanks to the fantastic job done by the craftsmans of Layabeds , all children will achieve that energitic and healthy sleep. This is because our dedicated and highly talented artists, designers and carpenters created new and beautiful designs of SPANDA BEDS They are incredible pieces of furniture that not only will allow children to fly in their dreams while they sleep. They will also be a luxury item that will look great in their bedrooms. Our SPANDA Bed has: Spine support Organic natural oval bed and resin mould High-gloss painted fibreglass finish Upholstered interior Motion Sensed Bed Light.

Our SPANDA Bed has:

  • Spine support Organic natural oval bed
  • High-density foam and resin mould
  • High-gloss painted fiber glass
  • finish Upholstered interior Motion Sensed Bed Light.
  • Infection free purified cool vivid Air
  • Aromatic Therapy without perfume
  • Visual Therapy without LED
  • Sound Therapy without MP3

At LayaBeds, we are also committed to giving customers precisely the personalized items they want. For this reason, and as is the case with all the furniture and accessories that we offer to our clients, they will also add their personalized touch to it. This will make this SPANDA bed or anything else they request truly theirs and will look incredibly cool in whichever place it is put on.

Enjoy the SPANDA bed

We use very versatile materials that allow people to realise practically any vision or idea that someone might have. The people who work at LayaBeds are aware of that fact, and for this reason, they put their best possible effort in delivering unique products that are appreciated by the function they make. They are also highly respected as luxury items that can make any room or place general gain new life.

The SPANDA Bed that we offer are a perfect example of this aspect. This beautifully crafted piece of furniture not only will look great in a bedroom and will fulfil a specific purpose. It will also give this room a sense of uniqueness that will be appreciated by the child who lives there and the family as a whole. For this reason, everybody who wants to have a custom made luxury item, made with materials of the highest quality and with the most significant attention to detail, should definitely contact us.

To discuss your Spanda, luxury bed please call our showroom team on +91 9514 155 155. The lead time is currently 12 weeks and prices for the two designs are available upon request.

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